Better Beer Drinking

Join the beer revolution

Over the past few years, there has been a beer revolution in Australia. The craft beer scene has not only emerged but is thriving, and microbreweries, beer retailers, and beer events are springing up just about everywhere.

We have an opportunity to be at the vanguard of a movement towards better beer drinking. On this blog, I’m going to post on some of the key parts of this beer renaissance. You’ll get all the information you need to get your hands on good beer, the lowdown on beer events and which breweries are setting the trends. Come on a journey with me. A beer drinking journey (which is always the best kind).

Why drink craft beer?

Craft beer is beer that is lovingly produced by passionate brewers who care about brewing better beer. Beer brewed in a wide range of styles, with a variety of flavours, and with natural ingredients.

Drinking craft beer means less money to huge giant corporations that pump out the same beers under different names (have you ever played ‘taste the difference’ between Crown Lager and Fosters?) and that are more about marketing gumph than beer appreciation.

These multi-billion-dollar companies use cheap artificial ingredients and pump out multi-million dollar advertising campaigns that treat all beer drinkers like chauvinistic idiots. (The latest example Carlton Draught’s “Made From Beer” advertisement. Made from beer! Are you seriously going to treat us like complete idiots? It’s made from malt, water, yeast and hops!!)

These companies also often resort to dirty tricks such as preventing pubs and bars from putting other beers on tap and have done this for decades as a way of shutting out genuine competition in the beer industry. This is why now is the time to start a Craft Beer Revolution.

Craft beer is better

There are genuinely good beers being pumped out by local microbreweries in Australia, in spite of tax limitations, (visit for more details), and these breweries are building loyal followings of drinkers. There’s still work to be done though, 97% of beers drunk in Australia are still commercial brews aka ‘corporation lagers’.

The journey to better beer drinking starts here.

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