More reasons to stay at home (and drink good beer)

My GrowlerMaybe the weather sucks and you don’t want to go out (fair chance if you’re a Melburnian).

Maybe you don’t want to go to bars to pay premium prices for beers that aren’t really premium (e.g. $9 for an Asahi or Becks).

Or perhaps you simply possess an unhealthy attachment to your couch (in this case actually you probably should go out).

Whatever the case, if you want to stay at home, now you have more good reasons to do so with more developments in the world of Growlers – that is takeaway beer fresh from the keg.

I wrote about the Growler phenomenon before and since then there have been a few developments worth writing about. The Local recently announced the introduction of the Squealer, a 1 Litre bottle for takeaway beer. This is a great development that overcomes an issue for growlers that I mentioned earlier that you really need to have a date with a craft beer drinking buddy, as it can be a lot for one person to get through, especially with bigger beers. The 1 Litre Squealer (great name too by the way) is an ideal size for someone who wants to drink beers fresh from the tap, and also try beers which may not be available in bottles.

One reader commented on my last post that growlers hadn’t yet made it to Sydney and since then Brews News told us that the Beer Cartel now have growlers for Sydneysiders, as does the Local Taphouse in Darlinghurst.

The number of venues where one can find growlers also continues to grow and the Crafty Pint has started a handy list of Growler filling stations. Bridge Road Brewers have been providing growler fills through McCoppins bottle stores and the Holgate brewery in Woodend has also launched their own growlers. They have a few beers on tap at Holgate that are great and aren’t bottled (like the Nut Brown Ale, a great example of the suddenly popular Brown Ale) so if you’re down that way and think their beers require a more thorough taste-test you can grab a growler and take the beer home with you.

Yep, it’s exciting times for those too cheap and too lazy to drink out, but who also want good fresh beer for the home.

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