All aTwitter about Craft Beer

There are lot of people out there who claim not to understand Twitter. “Why would I want to tweet or read other people Tweet aboutBeer and Twitter every time they scratch their ass’ they say, but Twitter can offer a lot more than a feed of self-obsessed musings of daily life – especially for the craft beer drinker.

Twitter is in fact the perfect medium for discovering what’s happening in the Australian craft beer scene. For the consumer, it’s basically a news feed for information you actually want to know about (like where to get the beers you love to drink) and for the brewers and retailers, the perfect form of low cost marketing to promote their beers.

If you love all things craft beer, then here are some of the ‘must-follow’ Twitter accounts that can keep you informed on all the happenings in the industry:

@CraftyPint – Crafty Pint is the source of information for craft beer in Australia with his excellent website and entertaining newsletters. By following him on Twitter you’ll be updated with new beer alerts from Aussie craft brewers, as well as any upcoming craft beer events around the traps. Sign up for his newsletter and follow him on Twitter and you can feel pretty confident you’ll stay on top of things in the world of craft beer in Australia.

@ozbrewsnews is another who regularly provides information on beer industry happenings, particularly excelling in calling out the beer corporations for their latest devilish acts and generally informing on the craft of brewing beer.

@NakedNed (Bridge Road Brewers) – Twitter is a great PR tool for microbrewers. It doesn’t cost them anything and they can create some buzz around their latest releases. They’ll let you know where you can find their beer, what beers they are brewing, and also provide the odd anecdote about a brewer’s life. @NakedNed is a particularly entertaining feed. While the likes of @RedHillBrewers, @goatbeer and @Holgatebrewers also provide details about where to find their beer, satisfied customer tweets, and what brews are coming up soon.

@Slowbeer – following your local craft beer stockists is a must. They will let you know what exciting new beers are coming out and @Slowbeer is one of the best at generating excitement by sharing tasting notes and letting their followers know when a new beer is released.

@beerbarband – this guy is all over what’s happening in the craft beer scene and retweets all the important stuff in the craft beer scene, provides updates on his drinking of the latest beers on Untappd and is a beer fanatic worth following.

@localtaphousesk – and of course, don’t forget to follow your Local craft beer bar if they are on Twitter. Bars that provide details of what they have on tap can help makes decisions easier (or harder when there are so many good choices) on where to drink on a Friday night. There are heaps of good bars on Twitter to follow so look up the ones in your area.

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