Rethinking American beer

Everyone around the world loves to give the Yanks a hard time about, well, just about anything they can. And the American often oblige the rest of the world, by making themselves a target for mockery. And so it has been in the world of beer, where their biggest exports have been those horrible watery lagers Bud and Miller. But while these are the beers by which the USA is widely known, and rightly mocked, to judge the US by these beers is folly, when they have so much to offer.

The casual beer drinker may not realise that the US of A is in fact leading the way when it comes to craft beer with a huge number of microbreweries all over the country that are pumping out great, great beers. If you don’t believe me just check out the makeup of the Map of the Top 100 breweries around the world, according to beer peer review site RateBeer.

One of the reasons that the international beer drinking community has been slow to realise that the USA is the place for beer, is the limited access to American craft beers abroad. While top-notch European beers can be found around the globe, the independent nature of the US microbreweries and their strong local focus, has meant that their best beers often haven’t been available outside of the States.

This is changing though with sales of American craft beer in Europe exploding, and Australians also gaining more regular access to American beers, through craft beer outlets importing the likes of Brooklyn Brewery, and even Dan Murphy’s now importing  Ballast Point and Karl Strauss beers.

The American craft beers become available here, the more Australian beer drinkers will be forced to change their perception of American beer and recognise that the quality and variety of beers available in the Land of the Stars and Stripes is second to none.


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