Best ‘Free Entry’ Events at Good Beer Week

Good Beer Week sees a range of exciting beer events taking place across Melbourne. And while I’d love to attend all the events, my bank account (or my partner) probably wouldn’t be all that happy with that, and I’m guessing I’m not alone in this regard.

So I’ve picked out the ‘free entry’ events for the frugal and selective, who may be interested in revelling in the festivities without dropping a whole lot of cash.

Of course nothing in life is free and while you’ll still have to pay for your beers but there’s no upfront purchase beforehand, you may be able to control your costs more – or not.

Festival Launch at Terminus Hotel in North Fitzroy – 18th May 6:00pm

16 taps curated by The Crafty Pint along with music and drink specials sounds like a good way to kick things off.

The best from the USA at The Greater Northern Hotel

New Zealand Showcase at The Alehouse Project

It’s a 700m walk from USA to New Zealand with these two bars showcasing these amazing brewing countries. 13 taps at each will run week-long with appearances from the New Zealand brewers at The Alehouse Project. 

Brooklyn Brewery Party at The Greater Northern Hotel 24 May 8pm
Brooklyn Chilli Cook Off at 1000 Pound Bend on 25th May, 11am – 4pm

Sample some of Brooklyn’s Finest at the GNH with around 9 taps pouring beers from this iconic brewery. And don’t miss the Chilli Cook off, or you’ll be as upset as Homer “I’m missing the chilli cook off”. “I’m missing the chilli cook off”.

Pint of Origin at Tramway Hotel, Courthouse Hotel, Rainbow Hotel, Gertrude Hotel, Great Britain Hotel, Déjà vu, Royston Hotel + others

The unfortunately abbreviated PoO is a great idea and will hopefully mean lots of interesting beers that don’t always make it interstate.

White Rabbit Takes Over at Little Creatures
Liberty Brewing at Brother Burger & The Marvellous Brew

Too week-long events, White Rabbit taking over the taps and giving some brewing sessions will be interesting, Liberty an intriguing New Zealand brewery showing off their wares at a cool burger joint.

Abby Collaby 3 at Mountain Goat Brewery May 22 5pm

Mountain Goat’s a cool brewery for a visit and this unlikely collaboration for a one-off beer usually leads to a fun and tasty event.

High Country Tap Makeover at The Local Taphouse 24 May 4pm

I recently made a trip through the High Country, along with a few other bloggers, see here, and here, and I licked my lips as I read about their experiences. This is going to be good.

Two Birds and Parrot Dog at Section 8 25 May 6pm

A little heard of New Zealand brewery in a showdown with the impressive newcomer Two Birds with some music and the brewers on hand. This should be fun.

Parma Karma at Mrs Parmas

Belgian classic vs craft at The Village

A few tried and true venues that are assured of having some tasty brews on tap and good eats too.

Melbourne City Beer Cup at Carwyn Cellars 22nd May, 5pm – 7pm, 7pm – 9pm, 3pm – 5pm

This Thornbury bottleshop will host tasting sessions of beers from Melbourne-based brewers – a great opportunity for novice beer drinkers to try some different beers on the cheap.


For a more thorough analysis of events you can visit for Good Beer Week check out this post or go to the official website.


  1. I’m only doing the free events in my day and a half I’m not at GABS – so that’s Alehouse, Great Northern, and as many Pint of Origin pubs as I can get to in one day. Just wish I had a designated driver!

    1. Nice, Alehouse and Greater Northern are good value. WIll have to plan out those tram rides out ey, one of the difficulties in Melbourne, the craft beer places are mostly not in city but spread across inner suburbs and not real easy to get between them in a short period.

      1. I know what you mean….had to prioritise the Pint of Origin venues. So it’s Richmond first (Slowbeer visit included) and then the three venues up Fitzroy way.
        After that it might be DeJa Vu…maybe.

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