Every week should be Good Beer Week

A whole week of good beer – what a brilliant idea! All the favourite craft beer drinking establishments were suddenly teeming with great craft beers, and it made me wonder why can’t every week be Good Beer Week? Well maybe because we’d all be eternally hungover, but still.

Anyway, it was refreshing to see good beers available in so many places, if a little depressing when you weren’t able to get to those places yourselfMy personal involvement in Good Beer Week was limited but I did get the chance to try some beers at Pint of Origin venue Déjà Vu, which was pouring beers from Queensland.

All the beers I had there were from Bacchus Brewing, a brewery in Capalaba, just outside of Brisbane, that pumps out 120 beers a year across 27 in-house taps according to The Crafty Pint.

The best of their beers was the unique White Chocolate Pilsener, which produced one of those a-ha moments that we covet so much as beer drinkers. The beer looked like any other pilsener but upon sniffing and tasting revealed itself to have a wonderful white chocolate flavour that worked so well as to make me wonder why there aren’t many more white chocolate pilseners around.

The other venue I attended was the Good Beer Week Festival Hub, the Terminus in North Fitzroy. Always a solid venue, the Terminus has now opened a sleek new craft beer bar that includes more taps, Asian-inspired bar food and a handy beer garden that will be a handy place for locals when summer rolls around

Whilst there I drank a fantastic coffee IPA from Cavalier, the Angry Hopster, brewed for the week as part of a collaboration with TimeOut magazine, as well as Birra Del Borgo’s Oyster Stout, a smooth, slightly salty stout.

At Greater Northern Hotel, the pub’s love affair with amazing American craft beer continued and the day after their Brooklyn Brewery party, I had a Brooklyn Blast, an IPA with a punchy combination of UK and US hops that went down fine.

Good Beer Week is a great concept and even though Good Beer Year might be an even better one, I’m happy that there’s at least one week a year where one can count on finding plenty of good beer and beer events in venues across Melbourne.

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