Beers ranked Top 50 in the World that are available in Australia

When you’re looking to find which beers are rated the best in the world, there’s two sites that any craft beer geek will go to – RateBeer and Beer Advocate. And while the beers that rank well on these sites have a tendency to favour certain locations (USA) and tastes (extreme – favouring imperial stouts) and can create somewhat of a followers mentality, they generally serve as a reliable guide to drinking some of the best beers in the world.

Unfortunately for Australians, not many of the beers that rate highly are available on our shores. The local focus of many of the top craft brewers makes it difficult to procure these top beers outside of their countries. 

For those not able to travel overseas, there is however a limited supply of these top beers available in Australia available at a few bottle stores that stock great craft beer. 

So what are the best ranked beers in the world currently available to buy in Australia? From what I can tell, here is the complete list of beers available in retail stores in Australia that rank in the Top 50 of either RateBeer or Beer Advocate (Beer Advocate ranking in brackets): 

6. (19 ) Rochefort 10

A big trappist Belgian beer that is dark in colour, sweet, rich, complex, strong. Available for around $10. 

7.  (50) AleSmith Speedway Stout

I haven’t tried this yet but sounds strong, black and loaded with coffee – just how I like my beer (and my coffee for that matter). 750ml bottle and a massive 10% beer that retails for around $35.

25. (95) Struise Pannepot

Another tasty dark sweet strong Belgian that doesn’t disappoint. A few of these floating around for about $9 or $10. 

45. (17) Founders Breakfast Stout

The most recent arrival to Australia’s shores and a welcome arrival. This was affordably priced and a delight to drink. Velvety and delicious, I’d be happy to drink this every morning. This has arrived at a very affordable $6 or $7. I hope we see more of these make it to Australian shores.

46. (54) Dieu Du Ciel Peche Mortel

This was the absolute highlight of last week’s Dark Side of the Local – a dark beer special event at the Local Taphouse in St Kilda. Featuring a lovely creamy tan head, jet black body and a strong coffee hit, it’s an imperial stout that strikes the perfect balance between sweet and dry. The only one of the beers so far I’ve seen on tap and can also be found in bottle for around $10.

(30) St Bernardus 12

A 12% quadrupel, I haven’t tried it but if their Christmas Ale was anything to go by, this is another Belgian masterpiece. Another one available around the $9-10 mark or twice that to get this in a 750ml bottle.

(41) Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier

This beer is the only one on this list that you can find at commercial bottle stores like Dan’s. This beer is a lot more in the easy drinking than others on the Top 50 , and while it’s a lovely well-made beer, it’s not the most adventurous and maybe a tad overrated? From $4-6 for a 500ml bottle to $50 for a 5L mini-keg, it sure is good value though.

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