Craft beer in Manly – good views, good booze

manly4Manly may be one of the more picturesque places to find and drink good quality craft beer in Australia.

A beer lover’s first point of call in Manly should be the 4 Pines brewery. While most of 4 Pines’ production now takes place at a larger brewery they still do some small test batches in Manly and have their fresh and tasty range available in tasting paddles here.

From their light spicy Kolsch to their creamy dry stout, 4 Pines offer a variety of crowd pleasing styles that offer enough taste to keep the true beer geeks happy too. Their stout was probably my favourite, it has to be up there as one of the most solid in the country and even has a crazy ‘first beer in space’ storyline.

4 Pines is a nice little place to stop off for a beer or two. They have a beer on hand pump and some interesting small batch beers that you won’t even make it to bottles. Keep an eye out in bottle store though for their Keller Door series of smaller release beers available in 500ml. Most recently they’ve produced El Dorado IPA, ESB and Oktoberfest beers.

Another beer bar in Manly I can vouch for is the Rubber Duckie Taphouse, formerly Murrays at Manly, which is in a lovely spot overlooking the beach.

Rubber Duckie is a cracking place for some food washed down with ales. I kicked off my visit there with a Drs Order White IPA, creamy and delicious hoppy beer that restored my faith in White beers. Paddles were available and there was around sixteen taps of local craft beer to sample including one hand pump pouring Punch and Judy. There were a range of Murrays beers with everything from the Retro Rocket, a 2.8% abv IPA, to Seasons in the Abyss, an 11.3% farmhouse imperial stout. There were also other local beers like a Golden Ale from the Rocks brewery. On a balmy 35 degree day in October they all went down fast and well.

So next time you’re in Sydney, hop on a ferry out to Manly, grab a local craft beer on tap, sit back and enjoy the views…

Beer Paddle at Rubber Duckie Taphouse


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