Boilermakers, gushers and hops

Boilermaker a la bandit

The other night I enjoyed a Killer Sprocket Bandit, a sweet and hoppy red ale with a smoky finish owing to its 10% peated malt, this may be the perfect beer to enjoy along with a shot of fine whiskey. I paired it with Laphroaig, a fine peaty whiskey from the Islay and it went down a treat.

Australian hops

As a follow up to my post on hops, Hops Products Australia gives this great breakdown of the spectrum of flavour profiles of Australian hops right here.

Hops spectrum chart from Hop Products Australia
Hops spectrum chart from Hop Products Australia

Carbonation issues

I’m not sure there’s anything more annoying than after forking out the cash for a premium beer only to get a gusher. Carbonation issues with bottles lets a number of microbreweries down and the worst I’ve ever had came recently from Forrester, their Untamed Turkey double IPA was a huge gusher and tasted like vegemite, what a disappointment.

Stone cold serious

The recent drama with Stone beers potentially coming to Australia and then not was an interesting one.

Overall it’s disappointing and doesn’t speak well of the brewer. Distributor Experience It have been bringing some great beers to Australia and doing it in the right way and they were dudded in this instance. Thankfully, there’s plenty of other great beers around for Australian beer drinkers to look forward to. Another can of Sixpoint please!

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