A map of the Top 100 Breweries in the World – 2015

RateBeer published their annual list of the top 100 brewers in the world for 2015 and below is a map I’ve created pinpointing the brewers’ locations around the world.

Brewers in the USA dominate the list with 73 out of the top 100. It’s not just brewers on the West Coast either, there’s top-rated brewers all over the States including brewers in the top 10 from the states of Vermont, Iowa, Indiana, and Michigan.

Outside of the US, England led the way with 6 brewers, Canada had 5, and the remarkable Danish had 4, not including a certain Danish twin brother brewer based in New York and the Danish brewer at the helm of New Zealand’s 8 Wired.

The Belgians only managed 2 spots this year, down from 7 the previous year, but there were two Polish breweries that debuted on the list. Na zdrowie!

View the full list or check out the map below to start dreaming of future trips to places with great beer.


  1. I agree with most breweries in this list. Of course when it’s based on RateBeer opinion it’s not a perfect vision of the beers around the world but it’s good anyway. cheers

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