The art of the collab beer with Nomad Brewing

The collab beer is a staple of the independent beer community. At its best it captures the spirit of community and the ‘we’re all in this togetherness’ that has been a key part of the craft beer movement.

Collab beers take many forms. There’s the ‘let’s promote our local area’ collab, the winners collab eg. the AIBA beer, the event or festival collab, the ‘international brewer comes to town’ collab, or the ‘let’s get together for a good cause’ collab.

The ideal collab brew involves each party adding something unique of their own to the beer and blending the different elements together to bring out the best in each other.

Sydney’s Nomad Brewing have been one of the biggest proponents of the collab beer in Australia since their inception. The owners of Nomad Brewing also run a beer distribution business, so it makes sense that they use these relationships to work with some of international craft beer’s biggest names. While Nomad’s use of native Australian ingredients in their beers give them something unique to add when working with international brewers.

Most recently, Nomad has put a twist on their regular Supersonic DIPA with the Maverick Edition that was brewed with San Diego craft beer legends Stone Brewing. Stone added their considerable name and some American hops to the mix including the new hop on the block Loral, which is supposed to exhibit a blend of old-world and new-world characteristics.

This is on top of Nomad’s own mix of Australian hops, creating pleasant fruity and floral hop aromas, while the addition of native finger limes give the beer a unique citrus zing on the tongue, and is all balanced out nicely with sweet caramel malt.

Another recent release, Millions of Peaches, a Peach IPA, was a collab with the Pink Boots Society, an example of the ‘let’s get together for a good cause’ collab beer.

Pink Boots support women working in the beer industry and Nomad hosted a brew as part of a worldwide collaboration brew on International Women’s Day. Participants came from New Zealand to Byron Bay take part in brewing a beer that ended up, well, just peachy.

The only stipulation of the brew was to use the Pink Boots Society’s own proprietary hop blend, a mix of Citra, Loral, Palisade, Mosaic and Simcoe, and the crew added 200kg of peeled peaches to that. The resulting opaque peach-coloured beer had plenty of peach aroma and citrus. Smelling the can afterwards it was just like a tin of peaches. Combined with the low bitterness and dry-ish finish, it made for a perfectly easy to drink beer.


Note: Beers provided by Nomad Brewing

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