Maps of the top brewers in the world and in Australia 2018/2019

Map of the 100 Best Brewers in the World 2018/19

Once again I’ve uploaded a map with the locations of all of the best brewers in the world according to beer review site RateBeer. The map is a kind of dream wishlist of breweries to visit.

73 of the top 100 brewers are from the US, with California again topping the list in terms of US states with 18 breweries. Oregon and Florida are from opposite ends of the countries and climes, and different reputations, but each had 6 brewers feature.

Outside of the US, England & Belgium had 6 brewers each, while the most surprising country to be represented was probably Estonia. North America and Europe were the only representative continents.

Was cool to see someone used this list to plot out a US-based Top Brewery Road Trip that spans 12,299 miles and features 70 of the brewers on the list (and more than 1,400 breweries total along the route).

Map of top Australian breweries in 2018/19

This year I’ve also created a map of the top breweries to visit in Australia. Firstly, I created a layer of the breweries featured in the GABS Hottest 100 beers.

This captured some great brewers but I felt like it was still missing some of the best, so I added another layer with breweries from the top 50 brewers in Australia according to Untapped.

By combining these two lists and removing any gypsy brewers, I ended up with a total of 66 breweries pinpointed on the map. The most represented states were NSW and Victoria with 18 breweries each, while 14 breweries from QLD appear. It appears most of the breweries are in and around the city centres with only a few regional breweries like Bridge Road and Thirsty Crow.

I’ve personally only visited 24 of the breweries on the list and would love to check off some more on this list in the future, so look forward to surveying this map in future. Happy travels all!


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