More reasons to stay at home (and drink good beer)

My GrowlerMaybe the weather sucks and you don’t want to go out (fair chance if you’re a Melburnian).

Maybe you don’t want to go to bars to pay premium prices for beers that aren’t really premium (e.g. $9 for an Asahi or Becks).

Or perhaps you simply possess an unhealthy attachment to your couch (in this case actually you probably should go out).

Whatever the case, if you want to stay at home, now you have more good reasons to do so with more developments in the world of Growlers – that is takeaway beer fresh from the keg.Read More »


Beers To Knock Your Socks Off

Once a beer drinker has conquered the summit of lagers, pale ales, bitters and white beers, they may yearn for beers that are bigger and bolder still – beers that will really knock their socks off.

Here are what I consider some of the best beers available in Australia, in the biggest and boldest styles. The beers I have chose are numbered to progressively increase the challenge for the beer drinker, taking into account factors like costs and abv, as well as the beer’s greatness (based on its boldness of flavour, its complexity and any other intangibles). Read More »

Beers that are easy-to-drink yet full of flavour

My last post dealt with great ‘gateway’ beers for introducing drinkers to new styles and leading them towards bigger and bolder beers. In this post I look at the next beers that drinkers might progress to. Starting with a ‘gateway’ beer, each further beer step represents an increase in the challenge presented to the beer drinker, taking into account factors like costs and the alc.%, but mostly the beer’s bitterness, flavour and complexity.

Read More »

Great ‘Gateway’ Beers

One doesn’t go from drinking VBs one day to Russian Imperial Stouts the next, the journey to better beer drinking is a series of steps that allow one’s taste to mature and adapt to new flavours and styles.

In my experience, there are many beer drinkers out there who are open to trying new beers but unsure of where to start or what to drink next. Now I’m going to look at what are the greatest ‘gateway beers’. Beers that introduce beer drinkers to a new style of tastier beer, before they progress to more complex and challenging beers.Read More »

A Beer Pilgrimage

Everyone has their own story to tell about their journey to better beer drinking. Here is mine…

I remember the first time I drank the nectar of the Gods. My parents were having a dinner party at home and while they were talking and drinking, I snuck into the laundry, and plucked a bottle of VB from a sink filled with ice. After forcing down a few gulps, I tipped the rest down the drain, and wondered what the fuss was about.

Nevertheless, I persisted with beer, mainly because I had to, it was a rite of passage. I forced down warm cans of Melbourne Bitter in the park, pitchers of Carlton Draught at suburban pool halls, and pints of VB at the local pub. I learned to drink beer if not enjoy it.

And then I had that first Eureka! beer moment when I stumbled across a beer called Little Creatures at a hip bar in the city. Its taste was unlike anything I’d ever had before, it exploded on my tongue, bursting with flavour. Without yet even realising it, I had discovered the beauty of aromatic hops.Read More »